7 Reasons on Why You Should Not Miss on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

The Winter Olympics just got winded up, and now we are heading towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! This game is going to be one of a kind, with all great athletes from all across the world meeting up together in one place. We can expect better technology setups, more improved games, and definitely more refined players making way to a glorified stage.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

7 Reasons on Why You Should Not Miss on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Following are the quick reasons, and some serious reasons for why you should not Miss the 2020 mascot of Tokyo Olympics by any chance. Like, if you are getting the chance- don’t miss it.

1. The Frequent Gaming Host

Japan is the third most frequently chosen place for the Olympics where the U.S is lying only on the Ninth and France being on the sixth position. Get all set for some Olympic action and enjoy the game till the wee hours of the morning.

2. Tokyo, the Safest place in the whole world!

Be it the digital security, women safety, and healthcare – Tokyo is the best of all.

3. Baseball and the Softball will be back.

Do you remember baseball and the softball use in the games? After missing out in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games, the IOC has introduced them back in the Olympics.

4. Olympic Swimming now enters the Post- Michael Phelps phase

Though Michael has hung down the goggles, you never know when he wishes to put them back. This game is going to be a Phelps-free game which is going to happen after 1996!

5. Skateboarding now gets an entry to Olympics!

It will possibly have Shaun White on the tow. This won’t be a much costly setup like the X-games, still, it’s going to be special.

6. Simone Biles makes a come-back.

Simone is back in action and is all set to defend all the golds she has won.

7. Russia is making a return to the Olympics

After being banned for running a state-sponsored doping program, Russia is likely to return for the Tokyo Olympics.

So, these are the facts, well the #Top7 Reasons on what makes the Tokyo 2020 Olympics so special and not-to-miss kind!

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