Which Team Gave in their Best & Worst Show? (For all 2018 Games)

2018 has been an incredible year, especially for the sports fans. Winter Olympics went by with Norway making a new record and the World Cup with France’s young players hitting a new show! Considering the professional rankings, some American teams won their first-ever championships, and the college champions have rocked this year too!

Which Team Gave in their Best & Worst Show? (For all 2018 Games)

With all due respect of the players who have contributed for the game, I have made a list of the team that has given their best and the worst in 2018. Let’s put everything into one bucket, and check out which game or team seems to last for a longer time from now. Our main focus would be the ones with game-by-game Elo ratings and predictions.

Best & Worst Games in Winter Olympics

(The soccer data is only available just for the 2016 games, so we can’t include them in our article too.)

Best Team of the year 2018

The best team of 2018 is Boston Red Sox. After their major World Series win in October, they were mainly in talks as being the best teams of the year. They made a total win of 103 regular season games, along with making an 11-3 record against American League and also beating the 92-win Dodgers team at the Fall Classic. 

There are a few teams that fall close to the best and worst teams still these two holds the highest score and ranking. Coming to the Worst Team-

Worst Team of 2018

It’s the Baltimore Orioles who gave in their worst performance being the 6th worst season since 2000! If you weren’t aware of how bad some teams have played in 2018, then you should check out the gaming scores and statistics to know them better. No other team was as worse than the 47-win Baltimore. 

There you go! That’s how the gaming and scores went by in 2018! We shall update more info about the matches, and player insights in the coming posts.

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