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Drew Doughty with his Hometown Hockey Tournament [Latest Updates]

Drew Doughty from the LA Kings was one among the many NHLers practicing at the Budweiser Gardens, London. The skating and the tournaments are all growing with different games and opportunities lined up for them. We shall find them out!

Drew Doughty with his Hometown Hockey Tournament [Latest Updates]

The players in the minor atom division who are playing for Drew Doughty’s AAA tournament gets a custom-made NHL’19 video game along with a London Star on the covering. Also, the winners of the major atom get a signed LA Kings jersey with the sign of the NHL defensemen on the same.

Drew Doughty Tournament

Drew’s father Paul Doughty says, most of the players go for the video games in the first place, and then they target the jersey for the next time. While the other which keeps the attraction of the people is how we keep on doing different things.

Coming to the tournament invitations, it was carried out in support of Ronald McDonald’s house – which is something highly regarded in North America.

A total of 34 teams have been made, and they will be competing in three divisions. All these divisions are named after the hockey honors that Drew has won – Stanley, Olympic, and Norris.

Paul adds, ‘We will set up a banquet that could easily fit 1000 people, and many of these minor atom kids are going to attend it. The game is going to be really special for them, so it’s better to make it more memorable for them’.

While the London teams have been handling their game and duties pretty well. 3 out of the 4 Champions till now have the Jr. Knights, and so not many of the trophies have left out of the city. There’s a charity department too, where a lot of children are taken care of, who are away from their families. Cargill, which is associated with the Ronald McDonald is currently the title sponsor!

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