Our Story

Sports is next to devotion for me, and watching any game – it simply calms me down. While on the other hand, it’s the same thing which inspires and motivates me to do any job.

Heya, this is John S. Ceja and I am a software developer by profession and a mad sports fan by heart. This is what led me to make this website!

Why europeyouthtop ?

I have been following sports since childhood, and I have my own perceptions and views about certain sports just like any other person. So first of all, you need to have an accepting nature.¬†😛

I will be mainly focussing on the Australian Open, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, and other match updates.

While on the other section, there will be reports on the French Open, Indian Wells Masters, and even the US Open matches.

Our Final Goal

My aim is to build a platform for Idea Sharing on Sports and space where you are free to put up a discussion or question that you have related to sports.

Want to join me? If yes, then here’s the path to unlock my journey!

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